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With a perfect blend of ambition & excellence DELLATECNICA is promoted by VIKAAS GERA who has two decades experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing of Woodworking machines.
Dynamism is the parallel between VIKAASH.S GERA and his profiles. Balancing the act as an Engineer, Designer and Entrepreneur has become his disposition.
DELLATECNICA, is a complete solutions providing company exclusively for the Wood Working and Panel Processing
DELLATECNICA offers top quality woodworking equipments for your every need, from basic equipment to high-tech CNC machines, from saw–milling equipments to fine finishing equipments including auxiliary machines for tool doctoring.
All of our customers have been quite satisfied with our professional approach, latest technology, competitive price and efficient follow-up service.
With DELLATECNICA, you are assured that each machine will give you the maximum dependability, durability and value for your money.
Most of woodworking equipments can be found at our web site, if you do not find your requirement in it, please contact us, we'll offer you accordingly to meet your requirement ASAP.