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Model : SPR1300
SPM series automatic spraying machine has been designed to achieve high quality finishing on any kind of surface. It allows high production performance and the total product reproduct recovery in compliance with the strictest environmental needs and regulation.
  • Equipped with high precision color touch screen, it is very simple. This guarantees a completely automatic management of different working recipes that optimizes the machine performances.
  • All working parameters can be easily set and saved to be reused.
  • In case of malfunctions, a diagnostic program indicates proper error messages to help the troubleshooting.
  • Workpiece runs under scan, this allows a very reliable detection of tthe sectionthat has to be painted.
  • An innovative automatic cleaning and recovery system located on the lower part of the spraying zone, allows total recovey of the sprayed product deposited on the feeding belt.
  • The transport belt is made of special material, with high abraasion and chemical eroding resistant. It is easy to be changed and cleaned.
  • It needs little thinner to clean the belt. The life of the belt can be prolong by the scientific design.
  • # The 2 spraying units can equipped 8 spraying guns which is connected to one or more product circuits according to requirements.
  • The spraying guns are very easy to install, adjust and replace.
  • Dry filtrate system which is on the both sides of the spraying zone, can detain the pollute particles and exhaudt clean air.
  • It is available a display showing when the filters are saturate and have to be cleaned and replaced.
  • Double filter system ensured that the air which enter the closed room keep clean.
  • The air-pressblowers are installed at the air inlet to keep the paint reek within limits.
  • The blower with large horsepower is installed at the exit to fasten the waste gas in the painting room and reduce its staying time in the room.
  • Each spraying gun has a press valve independently to get exact pressure.
Max. Spraying width 1300mm
Max. Thickness of workpiece 100mm
Max. Feeding speed 5.2m/min
Spraying gun 8pcs
Air pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Total power 14.5kw
Figure dimension 4800X67000X2500mm
Weight 2000Kg