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DESCRIPTION NC-1200 NC-1300 NC-1500
Workable Size 2400x1200 2500x1300 3000x1500
Feed speed 20 m/min 20 m/min 20 m/min
Spindle speed 6000-24000 rpm 6000-24000 rpm 6000-24000 rpm
Spindle power 4.5 KW 6 KW 6 KW
Vacuum pump 5.5 KW 5.5 KW 5.5 KW
  • Adopt domestic water cooling spindle of big power(option: Italy HSD 8KW air cooling spindle)
  • Aigh accuracy, long service time, steady movement and good starting performance, great torque, fulfilling the advantage of working with fast speed and low noise.
  • Japan YASKAWA servo motor ensures machine to run with fast speed and low noise
  • Unique auto tool changer system can change tools alternatively, tool sensor to compensate the tolerance of tool length
  • Tool magazine capacity of 8tools, changing tools only takes 8 seconds
Working area 1300*2500mm
Max moving speed 70000mm/min
Max engraving Speed 40000mm/min
Reposition accuracy 0.025mm
Working dictate G code
Spindle 8.0kw HSD Italy
Spindle speed 3000-24000rpm
Collect ER32
Transmission  X,Y Rack Gear  Z Ball screw
X,Y,Z guide rail Linear square rai
Operation system SYNTEC control system
  • Italy 8.0KW HSD air cooling spindle and Japan Yaskawa servo system.
  • Woking area:1300X2500cm
  • Rotary Carrousel:Auto tool changer system,Tool magazine capacity of 8 tools,Tool change time only 8 seconds.
  • Vacuum system is of high absorption,and humanistic design of vacuum table with T-slot and clamps.
  • LNC control system avoid the sofware mistake.
Working area 1300X2500X230mm
Max moving speed 60000mm/min
Max engraving Speed 40000mm/min
Reposition accuracy <0.05/300mm
Spindle 8KW Air Cooling
Transmission  Rack gear
Tool Diameter 3.175,6,12.7
Dust Catcher 3.kw
Vacuun 5.5kw
X,Y,Z Guide Rail Linear Square Rail
Operation system LNC control system
Voltage AC 380V/50
  • two heads double the work efficiency
  • with lifting table, when low the table two rotary attachments can be fixed on the machine, so the machine can work on column shape work pieces; the rotary attachments are very powerful, and with a big load; the biggest size for the column work piece: diameter 400mm; length 1200mm, weight 56kgs
  • the water tank is specially designed for marble and glass engraving
  • lifting table rises and falls on 4 guiding cylinders firmly and smoothly; the big lifting distance, big load make the machine to work on thick work pieces (700mm) like marble; the max. lifting weight is up to 1500kgs
  • after removing the rotary attachments, raise the table, the machine can do all the engraving or cutting work as other cnc routers
  • welded structure of thick profiled steel and inner stress removed by vibration ageing treatment, strong lathe bed make the machine with rigidity, no distortion
Working area X*Y 1200*1200mm
Max height of lifting table 700mm 27.6inch
Spindle power 2.2kw(option:3kw, HSD spindle